Frequently asked questions

What can I do with Reclai?
Reclai allows you to build custom audiences with the click of a button for use in any marketing or lead generation campaign imaginable. From a base start point of specific keywords and terms, the machine learning technology finds, isolates, and ranks the total addressable market for you, filtered by a lead score from 0-10. 7.0 and above equates to a highly suitable prospect for the product or service you're offering - indicating where you should spend your conversion campaign dollars. The average result it an immediate 70% drop In CPC, and hilariously higher conversion rates during the path to purchase.

Below 7.0 means they are early in their buyer's journey, and should be targeted with more TOF initiatives to control the narrative. In essence, instead of basing your audience off of interest-based targeting technology, Reclai leverages behavioral analysis via machine learning to determine WHO in your total addressable market is genuinely worth contacting based on the chronological history of similar buyers.

From top, to middle, to bottom of funnel. Use the database of contacts and hash codes to produce behavioral lookalikes in Facebook and Google campaigns. Weaponize our enrichment partner to learn the name, email, social profiles, etc of each contact to target with email outreach campaigns. Take your targeting list and run campaigns anywhere on the internet. The sky is the limit when you own your own data.

Use cases for agencies and those who manage acquisition operations for other brands are infinite. Triple your campaign returns, scale ad budget predictably, and traverse to other ad channels like Linkedin with ridiculous accuracy.
Who uses Reclai?
Fortune 100 companies, Facebook ad agencies, B2B consultants, Adwords agencies, eCommerce brands, SEO specialists, start-up founders. This technology can be applied to any operation that takes their targeting and acquisition seriously.

The most common use cases currently are physical product brands, coaches, masterminds, SaaS companies, and tech startups.
What sets Reclai apart?
Reclai is not another IP tool. We do not use third party data. We own and control every piece of the underlying technology and BUY the data you see here. This is the reason why companies like Bombora, Clearbit, Lead Feeder, Zoominfo, etc. are inapplicable: they cannot implement the machine learning closed loop analysis. They rely on third parties to provide unvalidated "intent" data.

We own the opted-in intent and contact record data, while layering on the historical behavioral analysis to PREDICT outcomes. Every piece of data is "hit". Meaning we know where it comes from, how it was validated, when it was validated, and where it was validated.

Reclai is the perfect pairing for tools like Hyros (marketing attribution tools). This is the first step before, during, and after you deploy marketing campaigns that require attribution. Begin with the most powerful targeting and machine learning engine in the world to dictate the dominance of your campaigns - then, attribute at will. This has downstream effects to every arm of your operation.
How do you "own" this intent data?
You're immediately thinking: “these people never opt-in so you could get in trouble” and it won’t convert. Here is where you're wrong. They actually have opted-in - just not on your specific website.

Our identity graph for example has over 270m opted-in profiles based on partnerships with various sites such as loyalty membership brands, credit card companies and hundreds of others.

These people have opted-in and the majority can actually be traced back to what’s called a LeadID which is like a digital certificate attached to the activity of that lead and the consent given.

This means when working with the right identity resolution system, you can match identities then reactivate them to 2x sales while still remaining compliant (trust us we have done every possible check you can do).
How long does it take to receive in-market data?
Roughly 5-7 days, depending on the market. Submit your keywords and allow our technology to go to work. During the 7 day data collection process, install the SiteVisitor Pixel on your site, or your client's site to resolve the identity of all trackable leads who land on the page. Re-market to them with your current campaigns. Once your list of in-market hash codes are ready on day 7, create behavioral lookalikes and watch as your CPC goes through the floor. Plus, you get access to the Facebook group contact IDs from day 1 to deploy. Scale your operation at will with unlimited capacity for additional campaigns.
Is Reclai for me?
If you're an agency, a growth-focused brand, manage paid acquisition for brands, or simply have your own company that is in need of world class targeting and the ability to PREDICT your revenue growth - Reclai is for you.

This is not for first time marketers. This is not for those without experience in running conversion operations. This is a tool designed for those in Growth who settle for nothing less than progression at scale.
Where do we view the names, emails, etc of the contact data?
We will deliver you the prospect's information into your CRM, an automated CSV file, or Google Sheet. Reclai does not want you to worry about "another login."
Does this work for prospects outside the U.S.?
We only resolve the identity of U.S web users. International companies can use our platform, but it will only resolve their U.S.-based web traffic.
Reclai and/or Insite sound great. How do I convince our decision-makers?
First, ask them to come visit the site. Then, book a demo and invite your key decision-makers to attend. We promise to make it concise, informative, and enjoyable. By the end of the demo, it will be clear to your team if the Reclai and/or Insite programs are a good fit for your company.
Do you offer a free trial?
We do!
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, absolutely. We offer a money back guarantee for everything we provide because we want you to never have to worry about your return on investment in capturing & capitalizing on your first party data.

You are guaranteed that you will 2-3x your sales pipeline and your retargeting audiences within 60 days and as a result you should see a ~30% drop in cost per acquisition / cost per lead for your marketing campaigns and a significant increase to your sales pipeline (dependent on the variable you control such as your paid media budget, organic, and sales outreach to drive traffic to your site).

How wouldthe pricing work not for eCommerce?

We have different programs in which we can engage with you and come with different price points within those models for different sized businesses that harness either Insite by itself, or a combination of Insite, Reclai, and multi-channel outreach.

Below are two examples of engagements:


For a small business or SaaS startup:

As an example of an Insite Pixel only engagement, let's use a company with a B2B SaaS under 10,000 visits per month.

Our pricing for Insite Pixel is based on the complexity of the setup and the amount of your site visitors.

If you are getting less than 10,000 visitors and there is a clearly defined tech stack including the management and maximizing the use of your data across your website, CRM & other marketing tools, we charge a small set up fee followed by 2,000/month for you to start collecting the data.

When you go to the case studies page, you will see a B2B SaaS that added 1.5 million/month to their pipeline after 30 days, with only 700 leads with 18% turning into SQL and 20 turning into new immediate clients with an average customer value of 2,500.

Engagements that get the results you see in the case studies start off in the mid 4 figures. After the success for other companies that use this technology, as shown on the case studies page, we expect to deliver you 5-7 figures of value in return in less than 60 days.


For companies with a marketing & sales functions supported by a media budget that drives more than 10,000 visits/month:

As an example, let's use a company with a built out marketing & sales function supported by a large media budget that drives more than 10,000 visits/month:

We may recommend utilizing a combination of Insite, Reclai, Warm Email, LinkedIn outreach and outbound. and talk about executing new campaigns for you in less than 30 days that we can (pretty much) guarantee you have never heard of before.

When you go to the case studies page, you will see a B2B SaaS that added $4 million/month to their pipeline after 30 days, averaging 700 leads per month with 20% turning into SQL pipeline leads.

You are certainly welcome to use Reclai as a standalone product, especially if you do not have a built out website to utilize the Insite pixel.

Engagements that get the results you see in the case studies start off at 5 figures. After the success for other companies that use this technology, as shown on the case studies page that use this technology, we expect to deliver you a significant value in less than 60 days.